Yoga for Kids: March is Like the Wind

Yoga for Kids: March is like the wind

Monique Barker is with us today sharing some great yoga poses that we can do with our children during this windy time of year. I love that Monique’s yoga series inspires us to tune into our bodies while at the same time honoring the changing seasons.

Hello.  Welcome back to our monthly Yoga series!  Given the weather we’ve been having lately here in the Northeast and looking at the busy March calendar, I’ve had the idiom “March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb” on my mind.  It struck me that this would be a good basis for a Yoga sequence but I just wasn’t sure how.  Then I came across this lovely little book at our library and it all came together.

The book tells a story about the many moods of the wind and a child that wants “to play like the wind.” We see that the wind can be mischievous…

Blowing hats off...

Blowing hats off


Making flags wave

Making flags wave


Sailing a boat

Sailing a boat

and strong.

The accompanying Yoga sequence incorporates many of the wind’s moods and abilities (which are a lot like children’s).  It will bring your child from a gentle breeze to a strong, playful wind and back again.  Even without the book, I know you’ll have fun acting out all the characteristics of the wind with your child.  Just click the download to get started.  I hope you enjoy!
Download: March Yoga: Like the Wind


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