Yoga for Kids: Gardening and Guided Imagery

Yoga for Kids: Gardening + Guided Imagery

Monique is here today with another inspiring addition to her Yoga for Kids series. This month we move our minds and our bodies to empowering visualizations of planting and caring for a garden.

This month, I have gardening on my mind. It’s early yet to get the gardens ready in this neck of the woods but not too early to start some seeds and never too early to imagine!

Enjoy this gardening Yoga sequence with the children in your life as you talk about and imagine working the land, preparing your gardens, and watching them grow.

Yoga for Kids: Gardening + Guided Imagery

If you would like recommendations for children’s books to read before doing the sequence, give these a try:

Gardening Yoga Download

Garden Yoga Sequence from Playful Learning

One more thing…

In recognition of Stress Awareness Month, I wanted to offer a little extra. As Emma from 95 Acres of Sky reminded us last month in this post, even the children in our lives can experience stress. Yoga is a terrific tool for alleviating stress, no matter what your age. Guided imagery and visualization are other powerful tools.

Here is an example of a guided imagery that I learned years ago and my modified version to use with children:

Healing Rainbow

Whether you and your child use it to relieve stress or to help fall asleep, I hope you’ll find it as effective as my children and I do.



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