What Lives in the Ocean?


Children are fascinated by sea life… Our oceans and bays are full of fascinating creatures that can captivate young minds. One way to explore sea life with young chidlren is through open-ended dramatic play!

Simply, laminate our play dough mat and put out a collection of small figures, shells and some fun play dough colors and have children create their own creatures from the deep.

A favorite in the Playful Learning Studio is to match toy ocean animals to those labeled on our three-part-cards. Three part cards are a classic Montessori tool, used to build vocabulary and aid children in learning new information about a topic. In this set, children explore different types of animals that live in the ocean. There are many ways to use these cards including playing memory, matching words to pictures, or playing a “Go Fish” style game.


Books to Inspire


Join us over at Teachers’ Lounge and enjoy or complete Sea Life unit!




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