Summer Reading Bucket List

Summer Reading Bucket ListWhat is on your summer to-do list? It may be packed with adventures, getaways, and activities, but did the simple act of reading throughout the summer make your list?

No matter your age, summer is the loveliest time to pick up a book and relax, soaking up the story as you soak up the sunshine. It’s easy enough to know that you must “read!” during the summer, but in the spirit of novelty (or novel-ty), why not make your reading to-do list playful? Not only will it get you to model strong reading habits, it will make summer reading even more approachable for your child, no matter his or her age.

Here are some ideas to create your own “Summer Reading Bucket List.” You can post the list anywhere in your home, and have your child check off each item as he or she reads different pieces in different ways. The bucket list can be hung on your refrigerator, written on a chalkboard to keep all summer long, placed in your child’s room, or posted above a dedicated workspace your child might have. Be creative, and amend the list as needed. We’ve created a  few printables for you if you prefer to use to use them (click on the pictures at the bottom of the post to download). Of course, to make it even more enjoyable for everyone involved, you can participate right along with your child!

Summer Reading Bucket List

Places to read:

  • On the beach
  • In a pillow fort
  • On the grass
  • In a tent
  • Under a tree
  • On a boat
  • In the car
  • At the library
  • In bed
  • At the park

Things to read:

  • A new book
  • An old favorite book
  • A silly book
  • A book about a place you have never been
  • A magazine article
  • A recipe
  • A poem
  • A pop-up book
  • A rhyming book
  • A chapter book

How to read:

  • Read aloud to your pet or stuffed animals
  • Read aloud in a goofy voice
  • Read aloud to a group
  • Listen to a book being read
  • Read upside down
  • Read and act out a book
  • Write your own story and then share it
  • Read by flashlight or firelight
  • Read while eating ice cream
  • Listen to a family member tell an original story

Can you help your child cross off all of these items on the list? Can you cross off all of these items for yourself? The most important item yet unwritten on the list is simply to make sure you read all summer long – happy summer reading!



* Photo and printables by Randi Edwards



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