Small Acts: Love Letters to Your Children


We can all look back on a time in our lives when an encouraging note or “love letter” had a huge impact on us. Letters are a great way to put our feelings into words and express our love in a thoughtful way. Whether your children can read on their own or not, I’m sure they would love to receive a love letter from you this season!

This idea can be taken in any direction, whatever suits you best. Perhaps you prefer a simple letter, drafted on pretty stationary and tucked into a place your child will be sure to find it. You could even mail a love letter to your child and have them discover it in the mailbox. The possibilities are endless! The important thing is to find a way to express your love through written words.

I love to make things, and have an abundance of paper products on hand at all times, so I decided to make a little “book of notes” to give to each of my children sometime during this season.

Love letters to your children

The idea came from the many books that Danni has made, and is basically an encouragement overload for the recipient. Pages filled with personal touches and envelopes of all sizes containing little notes and words of love. Wouldn’t you love to receive a book like this?


Obviously, this project could become very involved and complicated, but I decided to keep it simple. Each small book contains four pages, all tied up with pretty string. Just a few envelopes, paper scraps, and pieces of printed tape to decorate each page. An hour’s work for something special.

I’m still busy writing notes, but I can’t wait to sit down and give these to my children. The experience of focusing on the positive things I want to say to them has been refreshing, and I would love to make this a regular thing in our home. Who knows, maybe we will make some together to give to others?

Love Letters to Your Children


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