Sensorial Education: My Five Senses (+ printable)

Sensorial Education: My Five Senses (+ printable)I love exploring the aesthetics of education… Simply by being thoughtful about what children touch, hear, see, and smell during a learning experience, we can turn an ordinary lesson into lasting memory.

Sometimes, as grown-ups, we take for granted that it is through our senses that we bring in all of the information that the world has to offer. It is a joy to explicitly teach this fact to young children. For it is when they have refined their senses that the can truly appreciate color, texture, music, beauty, and all of wonders we experience on a daily basis.


It’s fun to prepare for this experience by choosing one object for each sense you will be discussing…

Here are the items I chose:

Touch: Puffy Balls

Hear: Bell

Smell: Fresh Basil

Sight: Glass Prism

Taste: Strawberry & Grape

As I read the story, My Five Senses, by Aliki, we stopped to explore each item. For example, when the book spoke about our sense of sound, we rang the bell.

It is important to enjoy this process with your child. There is no rush, and it is a delight to watch them explore each material thoroughly. It does add to the excitement however, if you ask them to wait for the correct part of the story before exploring the next material.

My Five Senses Printable: Playful Learning

Next, we used the My Five Senses printable to find and cut out pictures of things that we can see, hear, touch, smell, and taste.

This activity sparks great conversations…



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