Sense of Place: Favorite Places Map Hearts

Favorite Places Map Hearts

Do you and your family have favorite places that you visit frequently or that you have special memories of?  Most of us do.  Whether they are in our own yards or across the country these places hold a special place in our hearts.  Our interactions with them help shape our unique sense of those places.  If it’s an outdoor place that you visit frequently, you may have noticed how it changes throughout the seasons and therefore how your feelings and experiences may change.  If it’s a far away place that’s quite different from where you live, perhaps the contrast heightens your sense of place of home.  We also develop a sense of place from built spaces.  Our interactions in them and with the other visitors can help define our sense of community and sense of self.

Favorite Places Map Hearts

Places and our interactions with them are important.  Take some time to think about your favorite places and your sense of place as related to them and celebrate them this Valentine’s day with this map hearts craft.

Favorite Places Map Hearts

Here’s how to do it:

  1.   Gather maps of some of your favorite places and some sheets of plain colored paper.
  2.   Cut out an appropriate sized heart template.

Favorite Places Map Hearts

3. Using the template, trace the heart on to the map of each special place.

note: be sure each place that you want to feature will show on one half of the heart

4.  Do the same for each coordinating colored piece of paper.

5.  Cut a slit halfway through each heart along the middle.  Since the map heart will fit together with a solid heart, cut the slit on one heart from the top down, the other from the bottom up.

6.  Fit the two hearts together, making sure that the featured place shows.  Do the same for all hearts.

7.  Glue the back of the hearts on to a background paper in whatever arrangement you like.

8.  Frame or hang as is and enjoy!

This garland and this bouquet are also fun ways to display heart maps of your special places.

Wishing you a happy, love-filled February!

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