Sending Notes of Thanks

Sending Notes of Thanks

Once the holiday celebrating is over and the gifts have all been opened, it is a perfect time to discuss with your child the importance of giving thanks. Whether you use store bought cards or make your own, keeping a small collection of supplies handy will ensure an afternoon of writing fun.

What to include:

  • Note pad or printable thank you card checklist to keep track of names, gifts and cards
  • Pencils or pens
  • Eraser (because sometimes the best way to learn is by making a mistake!)
  • Cards and envelopes
  • Optional: stickers, rubber stamps or colored pens to further decorate the envelopes

If sending cards in the mail, you may also want to include:

  • Personal return address labels
  • Address book
  • Postage stamps

Sending Notes of Thanks


Handmade Cards…

A homemade card is a gift in itself and is a lovely way to give thanks. Here are some simple ways of making some personalized cards.


“Framed Artwork”

Cut a coordinating color of paper to “frame” your child’s artwork before attaching it to the front of the card.


Scan a Favorite Drawing

If there is one piece of artwork that your child was most proud of during the year, scanning the artwork and printing the image onto blank greeting cards is a way of sharing the art without giving up the original artwork. Printing on glossy paper adds a professional look, although be sure to use a permanent pen when writing inside.


Photos of Thanks

With digital cameras, printing photos of your child using the gift is easier than ever. Everyone loves to see a child playing with the gift that they gave.


As important as it was to plan your gift giving, taking the time to put on some quiet music, gather your cards and chat with your child about how blessed they are to have such generous people in their lives is a learning experience that will last a lifetime.


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