Scissor Practice for Preschoolers

Scissor Practice for Preschoolers

If an activity is a good developmental fit for a child it becomes evident in the amount of time he spends on it. Often a child will want to repeat the activity over and over again until it is fully mastered. There is something magical about finding the just right activity for a child that is a perfect match for her intrinsic desire to master developmental milestones.

Scissor practice activities for preschoolers provides a glimpse into what this magic can look like… For many preschoolers, practice with scissors is the perfect activity at the perfect time in their development, as they have an internal drive to master the skill.

The good news about scissor cutting activities is that they are easy to prepare and children often spend a long period of time focused on developing and perfecting their new found skill.

For a special three-year-old in my life, I simply cut colorful strips of paper and drew lines for cutting. It is also nice to include a small, bucket, basket, or bowl for the cuttings. You will be amazed at how careful your preschooler will be about putting her cuttings all in one place. They take great pride in seeing their accomplishment!

Scissor Practice for Preschoolers

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