Printable Blank Birder’s Cards

Printable Blank Birder's Cards

Annie from Alphabet Glue is with us today to share some wonderful printables to enhance our bird-watching expeditions…

When I wrote my last Playful Learning post, I was feeling particularly inspired by the birding adventures that our little family had been having lately. Well, with the recent sighting of a bald eagle in our neighborhood, as well as the return of some favorite migratory friends, our enthusiasm for bird watching doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. So, I thought that we might take it one step further.

I know that some families like to keep a birding notebook, and this is one of the activities that I mentioned in my previous post. But I also know that there are kids who prefer to be able to lay out their treasures for further examination. To be able to cover a table with drawings, specimens, or special finds, and do side by side comparison. For this reason, I thought that it might be nice to make up a set of blank birding cards. These cards can be downloaded, printed and cut out, and then used to document bird sightings in the backyard and beyond. They could even be used as trading cards to share with friends or family members!

Printable Blank Birder's Cards

The cards are designed to be somewhat open-ended, so that kids can use them in the way that makes the most sense to them as bird observers. There is space to write the bird identification, as well as the date. There is also space for a drawing a small picture, a box that is sized so that if you wanted to, you could also use it to paste in a thumbnail-sized photo printed from the computer. In case the small people at your house are also honing their nature photography skills. The area for notes about the bird can be used to share information from the field- or information from a field guide- it is really up to you! As an added bonus, you’ll also find a template for making tiny file folders to house your birding cards as they get assigned to the most recently sighted species at your house.

To download cards, click on the photo below:

Printable Blank Birder's Cards



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