Post Office Invitation

Post Office InvitationA post office is a fun theme that can be used to enrich other themes such as a holiday, or after a Birthday when your child is writing thank you cards. Post office play also can easily branch into subjects like Math, Geography and Environmental Studies.


Post Office Invitation

Here is a list of props that you may like to include in your child’s post office:

  • Mailbox: Make your own from a cardboard box or purchase a mini metal mailbox from a craft store, dollar store or online.
  • Envelopes, writing paper, cards, postcards: make your own cards or print these free envelope, writing paper and draw your own postcard templates.
  • Stamps, mailing labels, air mail sticker: can be found at your post office
  • Address book, phone book, map/globe/atlas: the tools that we use to locate the person we are mailing a letter to
  • Child size mail bag or uniform: don’t forget a name tag!
  • Mail sorter
  • Post Office signs: Open, Closed, Mail here, Postage Costs, etc. Great for writing practice!
  • Coins, cash register: ring in the math practice!
  • Scale, tape measure: introduce measuring skills
  • Clocks: post offices often have clocks set to times all over the world – label the location on a sign below each clock
  • Pens, notepads, “cancellation” rubber stamp, ink: kids love to stamp the envelopes to “cancel” the stamps

Post Office Invitation

Ways to support learning:

  • Teach your child his/her address
  • Make your own stamps by cutting small drawings with fancy edge scissors or by using this stamp punch.
  • Weigh and measure packages
  • Reduce junk mail by looking into a no junk mail program in your country
  • Start a stamp collection
  • Visit your local post office or your country’s postal system website
  • Share old postcards from your travels with your child and look up the location on the map
  • Discuss the pros and cons of electronic mail verses paper mail


Books to read with your little ones:



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