Poetry with Children: Alice Walker

A fun poetry project for children...

There’s a hand inside my soul holding me.

We recently revisited one of our all time favorite picture books, There is a Flower at the Tip of My Nose Smelling Me by Alice Walker. It is a lovely, poetic book that gently shifts the reader’s paradigm while filling his or her mind with stimulating visual imagery.


There is a dance deep inside my body moving me.

The main character brings us through a variety of incredible experiences, yet instead of presenting these journeys from the perspective of the girl being the one who is acting upon her environment, the world seems to be acting through her.

Reading this book together created a wonderful opportunity to talk with each other about our passions, what inspires us, and to explore the intangible feeling—that when we are truly tapped into what matters most, life seems to flow through us in unexpected ways.

I even tried my hand at writing and painting…


My heart is full of lessons teaching me.

I love these family moments when we are able to sit together, create, and converse. When the girls and I found ourselves seated around the table, surrounded by art materials, with plenty of time, we seemed to simultaneously breathe it all in and tune the rest of the world out. Which is exactly what we needed…

Poetry inspired by Alice Walker

What is your favorite poetry to share with children?

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