Pocket-sized Library Lists {printable}

Pocket-sized Library Lists

Annie from Alphabet Glue is with us to share a handy printable to help enhance the our beloved library visits…

As you and yours prepare for the upcoming lazy days of summer vacation and all that they bring, you may find that you have more time for trips to the local library. This is often the case at our house, and it seems that along with all the reading that happens, there is also a lot of trying to remember what we’d like to toss into the book bag on the next trip to the community library. Books get recommended by friends, or sighted in the window of the bookstore as we walk downtown. We might see or hear about something that seems great, and then in the haze of summer relaxation, forget it right away.

But here’s an easy solution: printable library lists, sized to easily slip into a pocket. Keep a stack handy, and use them to guide your book gathering all summer long. You can even check off the titles on them as you go, making sure that no good book gets forgotten!

Pocket-sized Library Lists

To download the library lists, click on the image above. Enjoy!

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