Playful Picks: Resources for Measuring


Learning to measure our world is a welcome experience for young children. Children love being able to use “real tools” to measure things that they encounter on a daily basis.

Here are our favorite picks for introducing children to measurement. It’s fun to mix up the tools children have available to measure in a variety of different circumstances. Beware, you may just find that your child wants to bring their tape measure with them wherever they go!

Maker sure to check out our fun measuring activity, Inch by Inch: Introducing Measurement.

1. Inchimals – Fun way to learn about measuring!

2. How Big is Foot? by Rolf Myller

3. Length by Henry Pluckrose

4. Wood Folding Ruler

5. Inch by Inch by Leo Leonni – One of our favorite authors!

6. Measuring Penny by Loreen Leedy

7. Fabric Measuring Tape

8. Mini Tape Measure Key Chain – A wonderful first measuring tape (ages 4+)

9. Classic Wooden Ruler – Every house needs one!



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