Phonics Apps for Little Ones (Part Two)

More Phonics Apps for Little Ones

Rebecca from Thirteen Red Shoes is with us today to share part II of her recommendations for phonics apps for the little ones…

After my initial post about phonics applications I set about searching for some more.  I believe that applications are all about trial and error.  Some suit some children perfectly and others not so much.  My list here is a guide as to what is available in the area of phonics and sight words. As always, I would love to hear about phonics applications you may have experience with.

 1. Tap the Cat Tap the Cat is by the clever team at Reading Eggs, which I have mentioned previously.  Tap the Cat focuses on key literacy skills through touch, listening and speaking.  It involves matching letters, creating words and learning about nouns. Reading Eggs also makes a spelling app for those who have mastered their sounds and are ready to move on. I cannot believe that my little one will one day be able to do this application, it is just amazing to think how much they develop.

2. Word Grab This app is a phonetic word game that involves matching the sound to the letter and making words beginning with that sound. For example: finding the letter “d” and then making the words duck, dog, and daisy.  There is a focus on long and short vowel sounds as well as hard and soft sounds.  There are two difficulty levels in both sections of this application. One is ABC words, and the other is Rhyme Time, featuring over 250 words to broaden vocabulary.

 3. Eggy 100 Eggy 100 is a free app designed to introduce children to the first 100 sight words.  There is a lot of repetition and a lot of positive reinforcement, which is beneficial at this stage of sight word development.  This app along with the application below, contain words such as “the”, “was”,  and “where.”

 4. Eggy 250 Eggy 250 is also a free application, which focuses on 250 sight words.  There is also a speed option, which allows you to differentiate between children, depending on their ability. Both of these Eggy Apps are free and at times can be a bit difficult to navigate, however, I think they are worth downloading as they are a great starting point.

 5. Wee Alphas This app is just delightful and a favorite in our home, especially with my littlest (aged 2).  It is a picture book styled application in which you read a story while searching for the letters hidden in the text and illustrations of each page. This application goes through each letter of the alphabet.  You can have narration or read aloud to your littles yourself.  On each page there is an extra motion to find as well, for example, touch the hidden letter in the animal it turns orange for all to see.  Find the letter that your name begins with on the final page of the story and you can practice drawing your letter.

 6. Gappy’s First Words This application has so many different levels from the initial sound of the letters of the alphabet, to sight words, and basic consonant vowel consonant words or CVC words. View a little video here of Gappy’s First Words in action.


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