Nurturing Young Authors: Starting a Writer’s Notebook

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Often as parents we forget to see the forest for the trees when it comes to our children’s writing. It’s normal for us to get caught up in whether they’re writing letters neatly, spelling correctly, and using proper grammar. While these are important skills, they are most effective when utilized to support good writing. They do not make good writing.

Good writing comes from having something to say. Good writing comes from believing in something, wanting to explore something more deeply, or wanting to connect with others about something. Good writing comes from having a strong sense of your own voice and a solid belief in your ability to express your ideas.

A writer’s notebook is a place where children can discover all of those essential elements. When they can write on their own terms, children begin to find their voice and experience writing as it should be—an amazing medium for self-expression.


Starting a Writer’s Notebook

Did you know that almost all of your favorite authors keep a writer’s notebook?  Writing does not need to be an overwhelming process, it can be fun, light, and all about capturing the magical moments in our lives. Keeping a writer’s notebook is where it all begins…


Here’s a list of our favorite writing supplies…

Playful Learning: Resources for Starting a Writer's Notebook

1. Post-it Arrow Flags –  Add a fun dimension to capturing memories and writing down thoughts.

2. Japanese Washi Masking Tape –  Fun tapes are a wonderful way to add mementos and for the decorating of your cover or pages.

3. Glassine Wax Paper Bags –  These are great for taping into your notebook to inspire writing about found treasures.

4. Jumbo Paper Clips –  Another great way to capture and save different memories.

5. Sticky Tab Markers –  These come in handy if you want to create different sections in your notebook.

6. Blank Recycled Notebooks – We love using these blank notebooks. They offer a clean slate, so that children can make them their own.

7. Photo Corners – Wonderful for adding and writing about family memories and special events.

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For an extra dose of inspiration, here are some printables that can be glued into your notebook and used as writing prompts. You can find our full writer’s notebook curriculum on the, Playful Learning Teachers’ Lounge.

Things to Write About List...  Wonderings Story Paper I

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