Moon Spotting

Moon Spotting With Kids

Monique of Green Acorns is with us today to share some great tips and for moon watching with the budding young scientists in our lives…

The time of year when the amount of daylight is lessening and it is dark outside at a fairly early hour is the perfect time for children to observe the moon.  Many children are fascinated by our solar system, especially by the celestial bodies that they can see.  The changing phases of the moon is such an intriguing natural phenomenon and one that young children don’t often get to investigate.

Nurture their sense of wonder by bundling up, heading outside into the darkness, and doing a little moon spotting together. Here are a few tools that may help you get started…

Moon Spotting with Kids

1. The Moon Book by Gail Gibbons

2. Walk When the Moon is Full by Frances Hamerstrom

3. When the Moon is Full by Mary Azarian

4.& 5.  Use the printable moon journal to record your child’s observations and to spark even further investigation.

  • journal cover (print both pages back to back on the same sheet)
  • journal pages (When printing, choose “multiple” with 2 pages per sheet.  Print on both front and back sides of your paper.)

6. You can find a helpful diagram of moon phases here and check moon rise and moon set times as well as a moon phase calendar for your area at The Old Farmer’s Almanac for Kids website.

Happy moon spotting!

P.S. Moon spotting can also be a wonderful family activity during this time of year when many of us tend to get overloaded and overwhelmed with holiday preparations and increased events.  Taking the time to slow down and be mindful of our environment helps center us.  Gazing at the vast space above can help give us perspective of what’s truly meaningful in our lives.  What a lovely ritual for ending each day!


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