Making a Family Tree

Making a Family Tree

Joey from Made by Joey is with us today to share some great tips and resources for creating family trees.


Making a family tree is a great way to help children understand how they are related to the individuals that are referred to as “family”.


With Summer being a time of year when families commonly visit, these opportunities allow your child to make in-person connections.

Making a Family Tree


To help your child further understand how they are included in this community of family, you can compile a simple family tree in a variety of ways.


For non-readers start with a photo-only family tree; later you can add personal information such as names, dates of birth, birthplaces, marriages, etc.


Older children may wish to see how far back they can complete their family tree using Genealogy websites and local records.


While looking through old photos of family members, remember to take some time to tell your children the stories behind the photos. Include as much detail as you recall – who the people are in the photos, when and where the photo was taken. Children love to hear “true” stories especially when they know the characters personally!

Making a Family Tree


I searched the internet and found lots of interesting ways to make simple “beginner” family trees, both handmade or using a computer. Here are few of my favorites…


Story books to read with your little ones:

The Kids’ Family Tree Book – Caroline Leavitt

Me and My Family Tree – Joan Sweeney

What a family! – Rachel Isadora


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