Insect Explorations

Explore the fascinating world of insects! From bees and lady bugs to fireflies and grasshoppers, insects are an ideal way to teach children about science and nature.

Begin your adventure by going on an insect hunt. Head outside with a clipboard, our gorgeous Insect Guide, and a bug box magnifyerbug catcher, or butterfly net. How many insects can your young entomologist find? How are the insects alike and how are they different?

One skill that a naturalist must practice is the art of observation – learning how to notice tiny details by using his senses. In the Playful Learning Studio, we invite children to draw the missing half of an insect. So grab some crayon rocks, look closely, and Complete the Bee. It’s a lot harder than you think!

We also love adding a touch of art to all of our nature investigations. As you embark on your insect explorations, try:

And remember, before any type of nature exploration it’s a good idea to discuss the importance of:

  • Being respectful to our environment
  • Handling organisms carefully and gently
  • Returning things back to their natural habitat








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