How To Create An Inspiring Writing Center

How to Create an Inspiring Writing Center

Create it and they will come… It’s almost like magic! If you would like to see your children writing for pleasure in their free time, then create an inviting space with engaging materials. Here are our tried and true favorites for creating a captivating writing center. What I love about these items is that they become household staples. We purchased many of the items on this list when the girls were young and we are still using and loving them!

1. Wall Organizer – This fabric magazine organizer is perfect for displaying a variety of interesting writing papers. We provide lots of interesting options in the workshop. You can also find a nice selection in the printables section of our book.

2. Acrylic Tote – I am a huge fan of creating caddies stocked with inviting supplies like pens, pencils, stamps, stickers, etc. They are easy to move from room to room and are great for taking your writing adventures outside.

3. Prismacolor Colored Pencils – Our all-time favorite colored pencils!

4. Highlighters – An inviting way to make writing fun.

5. Pencils – We are big fans of these triangular pencils, which help with encouraging proper pencil grip.

6. Alphabet Stickers – Fun no matter what age you are!

7. Sentiment Stamps – We love giving handmade cards for every occasion. Having these stamps handy has been very helpful throughout the years.

8. Paper Tray – Another wonderful way for organizing interesting writing papers.

9. Watercolors – It is wonderful to combine art and writing and we love these watercolor paints. These are also perfect for combing with the post cards below.

10. Watercolor Postcards – Embrace the handwritten tradition of corresponding with loved ones with these lovely blank watercolor postcards.

11. Blank Books – The more of these you leave in your writing center, the more books you will see popping up around your house. Try it!


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