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Great Graphic Novels...

Rebecca from Thirteen Red Shoes is with us today to share a great list of graphic novels to enjoy with the young readers in our lives.

We adore picture books in our home and believe that you can never have too many! Recently we have become interested in a new genre—the graphic novel.  My son loves the fact that there is a chronological tale told though visual images and that the text that accompanies is fast yet detailed and often tells just snippets of the tale.  You really must use the visual cues to also gain an in-depth understanding of the story.

Here are three different graphic novel series worth exploring…

Tintin has become a firm favorite and we have gathered a collection from our local library to explore.

I do believe however that this series might need to go on the birthday list as he has spend hours pouring over each edition, each time finding new and interesting components which relate to other editions.  The more you explore the more there is to find.

There are also three in one compact editions, which look delightful and perfect for a family traveling.

For those littles who then fall in love with Tintin there is a website dedicated to information about the characters, stories and behind the scene information such as how to draw tin tin yourself!


If your budding readers decide to try their hand at writing graphic novels, be sure to check out our comic strip templates.


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