From the Bin: DIY Recycled Vases & Flowers

DIY Recycled Vases & Flowers

Heather from Poppy Haus is back today with another creative craft project, where the materials can be gathered directly from your recycling bin. I love that these projects show children the value of reusing everyday items as well as how to think outside of the box when it comes to pursuing creative endeavors and making the ordinary extraordinary.

I have always been a sucker for well-designed packaging.  The teardrop shape of Method soap containers are one of my favorites. I’m particularly smitten with the look of their recycled ocean plastic bottle, and using that means you are up-cycling recycled ocean plastic. How’s that for being green?  Obviously the best thing to do with an empty Method container is to refill it, but if you have a few extra empties lying around, I have an easy project using their soap bottles, and some empty yogurt cups to pretty up your house for Springtime, or decorate the table for Easter brunch.  Try mixing your own paint colors to experiment with hues and tints, and be creative!  I stamped a leftover crepe paper sheet using a pencil eraser to make the polka dot runner, and used flowers from our yard to decorate our table.

DIY Recycled Vases & Flowers


DIY Recycled Vases & FlowersMaterials: Method soap bottles, or any other plastic container to be used as a vase

Yogurt cups

Acrylic paints (white plus colors)


A heavy book (to press)

Fresh flowers

DIY Recycled Vases & Flowers

1. Wash and dry the plastic containers

2. Mix paints to desired color

3. Paint 2-3 coats on vases, allow to dry between coats

4. Cut vertically down the yogurt cups, dividing first into quarters to keep even

5. Gently open up the cup, and press with a book for about 10 minutes

6. Trim the cup into shorter petals

7. Paint the flower cups a contrasting color

8. Fill the vases with water and flowers

DIY Recycled Flowers & Vases

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