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When the crocuses makes their first appearance in early spring it opens our senses to all of the potential the season holds. Forsythia begins to make its presence known, and the daffodils and tulips follow suit on all of their splendor. It’s the perfect time to explore the wonderful world of flowers!

For this reason we have compiled all of our favorite flower finds…

  1. Sunprint Kit – If you’ve never made a sunprint, it’s time to jump in! They’re the prefect way to create a lasting impression of the the flowers you collect.
  2. Mini Bud Vases – These mini vases are wonderful for having around the house for all of the little flower finds you discover on neighborhood walks and in your own backyard. This set is great for flower arranging—why not put one in every room!
  3. Flower and Leaf Press – Having a leaf and flower press is an essential for creating an endless supply of beautiful art materials for making handmade cards, book marks, frames and more!
  4. The Reason for a Flower by Ruth Heller – This is our go-to book for using when we dissect flowers. It has lovely illustrations that explain the parts and functions of all the parts of a flower.
  5. Pick, Pull, Snap!: Where Once a Flower Bloomed by Lola M. Schaefer – This is a lovely picture book that describes in simple terms the process by which plants flower, create seeds, and bear fruit.
  6. Planting a Rainbow by Louis Elhert – Louis Ehlert is one of our favorite authors and this book describes how to plant bulbs, seeds, and seedlings, and nurture their growth. It also helps young children identify a variety of springtime flowers.
  7. Flowers are Calling by Rita Gray – This beautifully illustrated book shows us the marvel of natural cooperation between plants, animals, and insects as they each play their part in the forest’s cycle of life.
  8. Wildflower Fandex – This visually stunning fan, full of common wildflowers is perfect for bringing along on an outdoor adventures. It’s sure to captivate!
  9. Helping Hand Magnifying Glass – This handy magnifying glass is the perfect way to take a closer look as you begin to discover the different parts of a flower.

Put all of these inspiring materials to good use and try dissecting a flower. It’s an amazing experience!


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