Family Reflections Advent

Family Reflections Advent  |   Playful Learning

We have done a number of advent calendars over the years. It has become a family tradition that we look forward to every winter. Yet, in all honesty we  start out strong with an amazing list of 24 lovely activities that we are going to do each night and into the second week I start to lose my momentum… The busyness of the holiday season starts to kick in and I find myself wishing I had simplified things.

So this year, I decided to put together an advent that is exciting for the girls and one that I feel like I can successfully, with the least amount of stress complete—a family reflections advent.


Family Reflections Advent  |   Playful Learning

Each night of advent we will explore a different question or subject as a family. Yes, it as simple as that!  Doesn’t that sound wonderful—lighting a candle,making a cup of tea,  sitting together as a family, and discussing interesting, thought-provoking topics?


Family Reflections Advent  |   Playful Learning

It will also be fun to leave out blank cards so that we can write questions for each other as we move through the days…


Family Reflections Advent  |   Playful Learning

I am looking forward to learning new things about each member of our family and collecting new insights into our family as a whole this December!

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* A warm thank you goes out to Randi Edwards for her lovely graphic designs.

* Advent Calendar by Pi’lo.


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