Exploring the World Through Flags

Playful Learning: Flags of the World

Current events provide great entry points for playful learning experiences. The Olympics offer many educational opportunities for young children. Some possible themes for exploration are: geography, flags, national anthems, introduction to different cultures, teamwork, and the list goes on… In preparation for the Olympic opening ceremonies, we thought it would be fun explore flags around the world!

Start out by generating a list of the countries that your have personal connections with. We started with nine countries that either we’ve been to, or know someone who lives there. Next, cut out the flags from those countries and glue them on the on the world map (see printables below). As the Olympics progress, you travel to new places or current events unfold, continue to add flags of the your countries of interest!


Playful Learning: Flags of the World Playful Learning: Flags of the World

Materials & Resources

• Flags of the World – Pictures and Maps
• Flags of the World – Printables
• World Flags – Video
• World Flags – Online Game




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