Exploring Color + Color Mixing with Monoprinting

Once a month we participate in a Science Through Art workshop at the national science research center (CSIRO). They are amazing hands-on workshops where the children explore different topics through art. So far we have explored insects (through model making and block printing), dinosaurs (through clay modelling and painting), camouflage (through collage and drawing) and color.

One of the activities at the Colors workshop was exploring color mixing with monoprinting. I really liked this activity because Jack (4.5yrs) could work with color mixing while Sarah (2.5 yrs), still working with the same materials, could explore in a more sensory way.

Both of my children really enjoyed this activity. The roller proved especially satisfying and then the reveal as they peel the paper back; fascinating.

Exploring Color with Monoprinting

Here’s what you need for each child:

  • 2 smooth tiles. You might have some spare kitchen or bathroom tiles in the garage or shed which you could use. Otherwise try a local supplier for some sample tiles. Tiles are also wonderful for working with clay so it is good to have some on hand.
  • 2 small paint rollers
  • 2 containers for paint
  • cotton buds (cue tips)
  • paper

  • Lay out all your materials in a beautiful and inviting way making sure your child can easily reach everything
  • Using the roller, invite your child to roll paint onto a tile (one color for each tile)
  • Using the cotton bud, draw a design into the paint
  • Press the paper onto the tile and make a monoprint of your drawing
  • Take off the paper and see your design
  • Repeat the process with the other tile using the other color of paint
  • Now press the same piece of paper onto the second tile. The colors will mix creating the new color
  • Peel back the paper and see your design. Beautiful.

Exploring Color & Color Mixing with Monoprinting

At the workshop, the teacher read the children Little Blue and Little Yellow by Leo Lionni.

I hadn’t seen this book before. It was a sweet story about two friends, Little Blue and Little Yellow and how one day after losing each other for a short period, they hug until the two blobby paint friends turn green.

It’s also a nice story about friendship and acceptance. Have a look for it at the library next time you’re there.




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