Educating the Senses: Smelling Bottles

Educating the Senses: Smelling Bottles

“We cannot create observers by saying ‘observe,’ but by giving them the power and the means for this observation and these means are procured through education of the senses.”
– Maria Montessori

The other day I was perusing an inspiring, new-to-me, blog that I discovered, Small Potatoes, when my daughter snuggled up next to me to see what I was doing. When she saw this smelling game, she immediately wanted to “do that project.”

There is something about this activity that captivates children… They love the idea of isolating and exploring just one sense at a time. They also love the mystery of what smell they might encounter next.

Ella decided to create a smelling game for her older sister. I rounded up a collection of bottles, she got out our essential oil collection, and she got to work. I was even amused to see that she snapped some photos along the way (the apple does not fall too far from the tree)!

Educating the Senses: Smelling Bottles

We had a lovely afternoon filled with soothing scents and fun conversation…

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