DIY Ladybug Dice Game

DIY Ladybug Dice Game

Joey from Made by Joey is with us today to share an engaging math game for the whole family…

I love ladybugs, so I created our own version of the British party game – “Beetle“.  A game that my mother-in-law played as a child and taught to our family.

Perfect to play in the backyard, at the beach or in a restaurant.  It’s an excellent way to start little ones counting or a fun game to add to your curriculum if you are studying bugs!  Ages: 4 to 104!

Object of the game:

To complete 6 ladybug drawings before the other players.

**note:  younger children may prefer to play until 1 ladybug is complete to shorten the game.

DIY Ladybug Dice Game

Game pieces:

1 six-sided die



printer (or you can draw out the sheets yourself)

DIY Ladybug Dice Game

Prior to playing, you can decorate your playing sheet with stamps and ink or your own ladybug drawings!

How to play:

– Download and print a playing sheet for each player.

– Download and print the ladybug rules sheet.

– The youngest player goes first.

– The first player rolls the die, counts the number on the die and, if they are able to do so, draws the body part that matches the number on the rules sheet.

DIY Ladybug Dice Game

– You must roll the numbers in order starting with 1 for the body, 2 for the stripe, etc.  (for example:  if you roll a 5 you cannot draw the legs until your ladybug has a body, stripe, head and antennae)

DIY Ladybug Dice Game

– If you roll another 1 before completing your previous ladybug then you can start drawing another ladybug and adding the body parts in order as you roll them.  You can, therefore, have several ladybugs at different stages of completion.

– Continue to follow the rules sheet diagram to eventually draw all of the body parts on each ladybug.

DIY Ladybug Dice Game

– Complete all 6 ladybugs to win the game!

Now you can make your own games!

Does your family have another idea for an object that could be made into a new version of this game?

Enjoy using our printables or have fun designing your own object to draw.  Any object that can be drawn in 6 steps will work!

Here are some titles of ladybug counting books to add to the fun!  Enjoy!

1. Ten Little Ladybugs by Melanie Gerth

2. Lots of Ladybugs by Michael Dahl

3. Counting Ladybugs 1-2-3 by Brian Enslow

4. Five Little Ladybugs by Karyn Henley

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