DIY Games for Kids: Word Mastermind

WordMastermindTitleDo you have a Scrabble® game in your home? If so, put those letter tiles to use with this simple game.

You will need:


To Play:

A – player 1:  secretly writes a 5 letter word with no repeating letters on the blank piece of paper.  (for the photos, I have put the secret word on the wood tile tray.)

☑birds – one letter only

☒nests – two S’s.


B – player 2:  using the letter tiles, lays down their guess of a 5 letter word (with no repeating letters).


C – player 1:  if any of the letters are in the secret word, player 1 slides down the letter(s) to indicate that the letter is somewhere in their word, but not necessarily in that position.


D – player 2:  crosses out the letters NOT in the hidden word on the sheet.  Using the discovered  letter(s) as a clue, player 2 uses the tiles to make another guess being careful not to use the letters now marked on their sheet.


E – continue until player 2 guesses the hidden word!

Word Mastermind 2


This compact game is great to take traveling or to play on a quilt in the backyard!


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