‘Dem Bones Skeleton Yoga

'Dem Bones Skeleton Yoga

Monique of Green Acorns is with us today to share a great yoga sequence for the little ones in our lives who are getting geared up for Halloween.

There has been lots of talk about bones around my house lately as my children begin their anatomy studies with the skeletal system.  As I was thinking about fun ways to reinforce the names of the bones, I realized that I have not created a new Yoga sequence in a while.  My kids were very excited when I suggested doing some “skeleton Yoga”!  I hope your children will enjoy it just as much.  And with October fast approaching, it fits right in with that day that so many kids look forward to.

'Dem Bones Skeleton Yoga dembones4_1

Reading a book together is always a great way to introduce a topic and Yoga sequence.  If learning the names of bones is new for your child, this will be especially helpful.  Here are some suggestions to get you started:

Dem Bones Skeleton Yoga

Dem Bones by Bob Barner
Bones by Steve Jenkins
The Bones You Own by Becky Baines
Bones by Seymour Simon

Make sure you give it a try too.  Yoga is good for your bones! Click on the photo below to download and print.

Dem Bones Skeleton Yoga

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