The Daily Draw

The Daily DrawDrawing is a language of expression. It is a way for children to make their individual creativity visible. Children can represent ideas with drawing. They can write stories, preserve memories and convey any anxieties they may be experiencing. Through drawing, children can transform a thought into an image.

The Daily Draw is a way of making drawing; free drawing and motivated drawing, a part of our children’s everyday lives.

Set aside 15 minutes for drawing everyday. We do ours after morning snack. Every other day my children will free draw. On the other days, I will provoke them with drawing prompts.

We’ve created a set of drawing prompts which will encourage your child to draw by helping to provoke their imagination and creative expression. The cards are purposefully open-ended; focusing on the drawing process rather than the finished product.

The Daily DrawThe Daily Draw

There are five pages for you to print onto cardstock or laminate. Once you’ve prepared the cards, place them in an inviting basket or tray alongside some drawing implements and a sketchbook (or clipboard).

You can download the drawing prompts here.

PAGE 1 | PAGE 2 | PAGE 3 | PAGE 4 | PAGE 5

If you are looking for some practical and truly inspiring reads that will help you to see the rich possibilities in children’s art, look out for these books next time you are at the library:

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