Crafts for Kids: Make a Collage Bookmark

Crafts for Kids:Make a Collage Bookmark

Our Summer Book Clubs are well under way and we thought it would be fun to build on the experience by making some inspiring bookmarks!

Here is a fun eco-activity that will enhance your summer reading experience! Make a collage bookmark with the following supplies:

  • rigid card stock paper
  • discarded magazines, brochures, junk mail, etc.
  • scissors
  • glue stick
  • hole punch
  • yarn
  • optional: punches to cut out shapes


  • Step one:  Cut a bookmark out of cardstock (any dimensions you like)
  • Step two:  Cut out interesting images, words, and colour patterns from magazines, etc.
  • Step three:  Arrange the images and words on your bookmark.
  • Step four:  Glue all of your pieces down remembering to secure the edges so they don’t curl up.
  • Step five:  Punch a hole near the top for the tassel.
  • Step six:  Make a tassel.  Wrap a long piece of yarn around your fingers.  Thread a shorter piece of yarn around the bundle closer to one end, and tie to secure.   Cut the loops on the longer end to create the tassel.  Thread another piece of yarn through the smaller loop and tie to secure.  Tie the opposite end and thread through the bookmark.

Crafts for Kids:Make a Collage Bookmark


Bookmark3Crafts for Kids:Make a Collage Bookmark

The power of words

Do you have a favorite quote or line of a poem that you could add to your bookmark?  Do you want your bookmark to have a message or follow a theme (ie: Eric Carle)?  Vary the sizes and fonts of your lettering to emphasize certain words.  If you can’t find the word you are looking for, spell it out with individual letters.

Layout and using color

Layer your images and lettering.  This bookmark has also used two layers of cardstock to create a border.  Words can be positioned vertically or diagonally for interest.  This bookmark uses three shades of color- blues, yellows and pinks.  This keeps it from looking too busy.  Some white space is good for balancing the color.   Another idea is to just use rows of words in different colors and fonts.

Let your imagination and creativity run wild!  Happy reading!

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