Audio Books for Kids

Audio Books for Kids
 We adore audio books and have gathered a rather large collection over the last few years. Listening to audio books is a great way for young children to internalize the fluency and expression that comes from reading longer chapter books. It is helpful to have them follow along with a hard copy of the book, running their finger across the text as they listen.
Today I wish to share with you a collection of audio books that we have enjoyed as a family. We often listen to them at bedtime.
  1. Wildwood | Carson Ellis and Colin Melloy Performed by Amanda Plummer
  2. Under Wildwood | Carson Ellis and Colin Melloy: We are yet to listen to their book as we are still reading Wildwood.  This series is aimed at a more mature reading age group, 8 plus.  Little R has enjoyed Wildwood. We are taking it slowly and spending a lot of time immersing ourselves in the beautiful rich vocabulary.
  3. The BFG | Roald Dahl Perfromed by Geoffery Palmer: There is an entire series of Roald Dahl books as audio, which our six year old adores: Fantastic Mr Fox, Danny the Champion of the World (this is our favorite), The Magic Finger, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, The Enormous Crocodile
  4. The Magic Faraway Tree | Enid Blyton Performed by Kate Winslet:  Kate Winslet does the most beautiful characterizations in this audio story. I could listen to her voice day in and day out, and her intonation is perfect.
  5. Lost and Found | Oliver Jeffers
  6. The Heart and the Bottle | Oliver Jeffers read by Helena Bonham Carter
  7. The Incredible Book Eating Boy | Oliver Jeffers
  8. The Gruffalo | Julia Donaldson
  9. The Gruffalo’s Child | Julia Donaldson
  10. Harry Potter | JK Rowling
  11. Brown Bear and Friends | Bill Martin, Eric Carle Performed by Gwenyth Paltrow
  12. We’re Going on a Bear Hunt | Michael Rosen


We hope you enjoy them as much as we have…

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