Yoga For Kids: Animals in Winter

Yoga For Kids: Animals In Winter

Monique of Green Acorns is with us today with to share a wonderful winter yoga sequence to share with the little yogis in our lives.

Here in the northeastern U.S. the January thaw has come and gone and temperatures have dipped once again.  We bundle up in layers from head to toe to tolerate being outdoors and come in to warmed houses when we can bear it no longer.  But what do wild animals do?  How do they survive winter’s cold?  This is often a point of curiosity for children and a wonderful source for playful learning activities.

Why not encourage your children to put themselves in the animals’ skins?  Start by reading some books on the topic to help your child gain a better understanding of animals’ survival techniques.  These are a few of our favorites:

Yoga For Kids: Animals in Winter

After some exploration and discussion your child should be ready for some movement, imagination, and fun!  Just follow the “Animals in Winter” yoga sequence to support your child pretending to be various animals preparing for their winter survival.  As your child walks like a bear looking for a den, wraps up in a cocoon, and flies like a migrating bird, they will be having fun and doing their body good while reinforcing their learning.

Download Animals in Winter Yoga here.

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