8 Apps Your Child Will Love

8 Apps Your Kids Will Love

Nuria from the The Adventures Archive is here today to share some fun kid-tested and mama-approved apps.


Here you have 8 Apps that are both fun and educational. All tested and approved by my girls, age 5 and 8…

  1. Monument Valley: Guide a silent princess through a fantastical breath-taking world. This is probably one of the most beautiful apps ever created. I can assure you that you will love exploring it as much as your kids.
  2. Toca Builders: A super fun building game. Think Minecraft for younger kids.
  3. Plants: TinyBop, the team behind the famous Human Body, is back with a new game, and this time is all about exploring Mother Nature. From pollination to the food chain, the amount of things children can learn with this app is just incredible. Tinybop games come with no instructions. They have a “show, don’t tell” approach which I find great for inquisitive kids.
  4. Pepi Doctor A cute role-play game which is perfect for little kids who are afraid of doctors or dentist.
  5. Wee-you-things: Let your children explore the concepts of tolerance and kindness with this adorable app that celebrates the little things that make each one of us different and special.
  6. Daisy the dinosaur: This game introduces children to basic computer programming. It is fun and a perfect way to develop their logic, analytical thinking.
  7. Sago Mini Doodlecast My girls favorite drawing app. Perfect to develop their imagination. I also love that they can record their voices as they doodle.
  8. Toy mail: This app comes with a toy (a cute little animal). Relatives and friends can record a message to your child via the app and the toy will deliver it to him or her. Your child can then respond right from his toy. Perfect for parents who travel often or for distant grandparents.

8 Apps Your Kids Will Love



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