Crazy About Carrots

Dive deeper into the world of farming by spending time learning about carrots! Here is a list of resources that make us crazy about carrots:

  1. Peeler – We love this child friendly peeler, because it not only helps teach a practical a life skill but is also a super sneaky way to add in some fine motor practice.
  2. Too Many Carrots by Katy Hudson – This is a very sweet book about a  rabbit who loves carrots a little too much. Pair this book with Counting Carrots, our lesson about counting collections of carrots.
  3. Carrot Seeds – It’s hard to learn about carrots without actually planting carrot seeds! This organic seed packet provides the perfect way to help children experience the growing process from beginning to end.
  4. Miniature Carrots – Help children develop number sense and observe their counting strategies with these adorable tiny carrots. Offer them in a small bowl alongside our Counting Strip.
  5. Carrot Containers – Fill these cute, clear, carrot containers (say that three times fast) with tiny objects and wooden letters before putting them into a sensory bin.
  6. Colors of Carrots Printable – Learn about the many colors of carrots and practice color words by printing out this gorgeous printable in our Colors of Carrots lesson.
  7. Roots by Vijaya Khisty Bodach – When it’s time to learn about a plant’s root system, this is the book to use. The clear photographs, cross sections, and simple text make it really easy for children to understand this complex process!
  8. Carrots Grow Underground by Mari Schuh – Have this book handy, and use it as a resource, when talking about the different parts of a carrot.
  9. The Carrot Seed by Ruth Krauss – This classic story is a must read when children plant that very first seed. It’s the story of a boy who plants a carrot seed, carefully tends to it, and waits …  until something magical happens.
  10. Vegetable Chopper – This is a strong, durable, and easy-to-use vegetable chopper when teaching children how to chop up their own healthy snacks. It also makes fancy cuts and wavy edges which makes chopping carrots even more exciting!

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