Gifts for the Young Artist

We’re¬†always being asked about our¬†favorite activities and¬†materials for young children.

These are our all-time favorite¬†gifts to inspire the¬†young creative in your life … child-tested and teacher-approved.

1. PaintbrushesThis assorted set of wooden paintbrushes are durable perfect for tiny hands. 

2. Color Wheel¬†– We typically¬†leave this out as a resource for when children are painting; it’s a great way to learn basic color theory.

3. Paint РOur go-to set of tempera paint (in primary colors, plus black and white) which we use for all of our crafts and painting projects.

4. Sketchbook РChildren love having a special place to draw their favorite things! 

5. Palette РWe use this sturdy palette not only for paint, but also as a beautiful way to display a set of crayon rocks.

6. Desktop Easel РPut a canvas on an easel and children immediately feel like an artist; we also love using it to showcase finished paintings.

7. Paint Sticks РChunkies are a must-have for young children; they dry quickly and are mess free. Put this at the top of your list!

8. Drawing Manikin РManikins are helpful when teaching children how to draw the human form, but they are also a lot of fun to move around and dress up!

9.¬†Watercolors – This set of¬†vibrant watercolors is hands down our favorite, and we’ve tried many other brands! Washes¬†off a table easily and doesn’t stain.¬†

10. Crayon Rocks РPerhaps our most used material in the Playful Learning Studio. Designed to help teach little ones how to properly hold a writing tool, we have these out for most of our toddler art projects and writing activities. 

11. Oil Pastels РSofter than a crayon and easy to blend, these pair nicely with watercolors.

12. Canvas¬†– An artist needs a blank canvas, and they’re¬†suitable for paint, Chunkies, and mixed-media collage.

13. Book¬†– We love to start all of our investigations with a read aloud¬†to¬†set the stage for the experience, and¬†Herv√©¬†Tullet’s book is a wonderful¬†way to explore color.

14. Color Mixing Printable¬†–¬†Explore color mixing with primary colors¬†and then create your own color palette. Try mixing in a touch of white or black too!

Happy Gifting!

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