Gifts for the Young Naturalist

Ready to turn an ordinary day outdoors into an exciting scientific adventure? Below are our all-time favorite gifts that are sure to inspire the young naturalist in your life!

1. Audubon Birds РLearn the calls of the Northern Cardinal, American Goldfinch, and Chickadee with this sweet little collection of plush backyard birds.

2.¬†Binoculars¬†–¬†Child-sized binoculars are wonderful for discovering birds and¬†nests in tall trees,¬†and searching for¬†anything else that captures your attention.

3.¬†Colored Pencils¬†–¬†Add¬†an inspiring dose of color to your nature journal!

4.¬†Sun Print Paper¬†– Sun printing is fun for the entire family! Based on the cyanotype process, it’s a magical process that not only teaches about sun-based science but has gorgeous results. A unique way to document what you find on a nature walk!

5.¬†Bug Catcher¬†–¬†Best invention ever! This bug catcher enables you to collect bugs without harm, observe them through the built-in magnifier, and safely return them to their natural habitat. Every home and classroom needs one!

6.¬†Magnifying Glass¬†–¬†A magnifying glass is definitely a must-have¬†for those moments when you want to observe that dandelion a bit more closely or¬†identify the veins on a leaf.

7.¬†Clipboard¬†– The best way for¬†children to move around with their writing. And if there’s one thing that children love taking with them on nature explorations, it’s a clipboard!

8. Toy¬†Figures¬†– We love these Toob sets from Safari Ltd. that come in a variety of collections¬†from birds¬†to insects¬†to flowers to river animals.¬†You can use them for matching activities, put them in sensory bins or¬†offer them along side a field guide¬†sketchbook. (We’re pretty sure we have every single set that’s ever been made!)

9. Sketchbook РThese small, blank notebooks fit easily inside a coat pocket for the spontaneous observational drawing or impromptu nature poem.

10. Collection Basket РOur go-to baskets in the studio. They come in several different sizes, are super sturdy, and the handle makes it easy for children to carry around on their nature walks. You can bet it will be filled with rocks, leaves, pine cones, twigs, and anything else your little explorer finds outside.

11.¬†Field Bag¬†¬†–¬†This light and nimble field bag has different compartments that are perfect for keeping supplies organized. Keep it full of supplies¬†and set it near the back door so your child can easily grab it before heading¬†out on their next adventure.

12.¬†Book¬†– We can’t get enough of¬†the books in Yuval Zommer’s Big Book series, especially for scientific studies. His¬†illustrations are¬†gorgeous and the text is¬†engaging and easy for little ones to understand;¬†these books are definitely¬†a must-have for your¬†library collection.

13. Discover and Sketch BINGO РSlide this onto a clipboard, grab some colored pencils, and head out in search of these objects. Who can be the first explorer to yell BINGO?

14.¬†Bird Guide¬†–¬†Take our Bird Guide with that you on your next neighborhood walk. How many different species can you identify?


Happy Gifting!


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