Mindful Gifts for Children

Teach children how to practice mindfulness and learn how to manage their feelings and emotions. Below are our favorite tools to help tune in to the senses, quiet the mind, ground the body, and be present in the moment.

1.¬†Weighted Bear – Great for when children are experiencing sensory overload or just need a calming moment. The pressure of the bear helps ground children’s bodies so that they can quiet their minds (and it’s cute and cuddly too).

2. Kids Yoga Mat РA kid-sized yoga mat with a carry strap! Perfect for on-the-go yoga sessions.

3. Buddha Board РThis is one of the most beloved toys we have purchased over the years. Practice writing letters, numbers, or calming words and images. Using only water, it teaches children to draw their feelings, breathe, and let go as the image gently fades away.

4. Essential Oils РWe have found that empowering children to use (with parent guidance) safe, natural remedies, helps them monitor their health, moods, and feelings. We love using essential oils for different situations that arise. This calming oil is the perfect way to nurture oneself when needed, and this set is kid friendly!

5. Yoga Garden Game РIf your child loves board games, why not play a game that also teaches them about different yoga postures? A lovely and calming game to play at bedtime.

6. Calming Jars РThese mesmerizing timers are not just for the kids! Relieve stress by watching the colorful bubbles flow back and forth. A perfect tool for calming down a screaming toddler and helping them regain focus.

7.¬†Rain Stick –¬†Physical¬†cues help¬†bring us back to the present and are helpful during charged situations. We love the idea of using a beautiful sound as a reminder to take a deep breath and center yourself.

8.¬†Mindful Exercises –¬†Sitting Still Like a Frog¬†by Eline Snel¬†is full of fun and simple techniques that help children handle emotions and come back to the present moment.

9.¬†Yoga Activities –¬†These yoga cards have been a favorite for years. They encourage children to tune into their bodies and discover the connection between self-care and having peace of mind.¬†Perfect for packing¬†in a purse or airplane bag!

10.¬†Breathe Like a Bear – Our toddler class uses this book frequently! It’s a beautiful collection of mindfulness exercises that teach children how to manage their own bodies.

11. Peace Poster РWhen children are aware of and know how to manage their own feelings and emotions, they feel empowered. We have this poster hanging in the studio as a visual reminder of the tools from which they can choose when they need them most.

12.¬†Sensing Peace – Ask children what peace means to them. Is it the sound of a¬†parent’s voice? The feeling of a¬†warm fire? The smell of lavender? The taste of vanilla ice cream?¬†You might be surprised at what they say!

Happy Gifting!

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