11 Math Apps for the Little Ones (part two)

It has been a while since I shared some learning apps, so over the coming months I hope to bring you a new collection from all areas of the curriculum to download for the new iPad you may be getting for Christmas!  Some apps are free, but others have a cost incurred. There is something for everyone, even a few for Android users!
You might remember my earlier post about Math applications, here are a few more to add to the list:
  1. Counting to 10 РBased around the concept of one to one correspondence, this app teaches using little penguins, moles, elephants, manta rays.   It involves a lot of repetition with both visual counting aids, as well as a little narrator counting aloud for you as you go (available for Android as well)!
  2. Fiete Match РAn adorable app based around a seafarers theme.  A lighthouse provides the base for this app and the different activities are stored within it. You can choose an activity by tapping on the porthole.  I adore that the memory game has the user playing against the lighthouse keeper.  The illustrations are beautiful-I adore this application for the illustrations alone!
  3. Geo Board РThis application explores the world of shapes and the possibilities which are presented when given a peg board and a rubber band.  We have had fun creating our names, as well as various shape patterns. This application is aimed for those with some experience in using a tablet device (Little F, age 3, found it hard to use). It does not allow you to save your creations, however a quick screen grab by holding down the power button in the top right hand corner and the home key (on an iPad) will save an image to your camera roll.
  4. KaleioDraw РA beautiful kaleidoscope of colors.  Perfect for learning about symmetry and pattern.
  5. Rush Hour РThis is the same as the popular game created by Think Fun. Problem solving at its best! (available on android as well)
  6. Montessori Numbers – Another app based on the foundations of Montessori created by L’Escapadou. This app is a delightful starting spot for introducing numbers, as well as for those moving into the hundreds. It uses tracing numbers, base ten, number stories, and one to one correspondence to help children learn.¬† There are a number of difficulty levels going up to 999.
  7. My First Tangram (iPad only) –¬† An absolutely delightful shape application with so many adorable creations using the basic tangram shapes. ¬†A and R Entertainment have created a lot of apps, find them here¬†on their website.
  8. Tally Tots Рcreated by Spin Light  and available across all devises including Nook, Amazon and Google Play. This app focuses on counting patterns, has 20 different numbers with an activity for each, and includes audio and visual cues for each activity.  A sing along number song as well as one to one counting patterns make this app adorable for the littles.  Spin Light has created a huge number of applications, so have a look at their site for additional apps in the area of mathematics.
  9. Tam and Tao in Numberland created by Les Trois Elles Interactive РAdorable in every way.  This company create some delightful applications and Numberland is one of them.
  10. Maths Tree by Bellamon  РThis application is the perfect visual introduction to addition, subtraction and number equations.  The graphics are bright and cheerful perfect for a school set of iPads. You can add and subtract owls, doves, or peaches.  The clear visual link between the the graphics and the algorithm makes the learning process very clear.  Bellamon has created some delightful applications and their website is well worth a visit.
  11. Cutie Monsters (iPad only) – This application is aimed at those learning base 10 and one to one correspondence. It is divided into two sections: a counting section and a jigsaw section. The graphics are adorable, and this is a lovely application to introduce to littles who are first time app users. See a you tube preview of the app here.


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