10 Chapter Books to Read Together

10 Chapter Books to Read Together

Rebecca from Thirteen Red Shoes is with us to share a lovely list of fun chapter books to read together with your children.

In our home, we have a few family rhythms that take place every day.  One of these is reading, often in many different forms.  Picture books are read throughout the day (I adore picture books, they are my weakness!). We have a basket in the car in which new picture books are placed and then rotated around between our picture book library and the boys collections in their rooms. Each night when our boys go to bed, we take the opportunity for one-on-one time. This takes place in their bedrooms and often ends with a story. We also take this time to listen to Little R as he reads a book from school, which was chosen by his teacher to match his developmental stage. While Little F, aged 3, enjoys reading a handful of picture books during this time, Little R, aged 6,  has begun to enjoy the structure and complexity of a chapter book.  We have enjoyed reading some of the classics out loud over the past 18 months, and are now looking at sourcing books we are unfamiliar with.

Below is a list of titles we have shared as well as some new books we are looking forward to reading over the coming months:

  1. Anything by Roald Dahl,and we mean anything!  These books always bring a smile to my little ones face, I think it is that off beat and quirky humor that he adores.

  2. The Harry Potter series (we have only read the first three as the others contain content that is much darker and too mature for our little one)

  3. The Tashi series.

  4. The Famous Five Series | Enid Blyton

  5. Alex, the Dog and the Unopenable door | Ross Montgomery

  6. The Grunts at Sea | Philip Ardagah and Axel Scheffler

  7. Figaro and Rumba and the Cool Cats | Anna Fienberg and Stephen Michael King

  8. Wildwood and Under Wildwood | Meloy and Ellis

  9. Operation Bunny | Sally Gardener

  10. The Children of the King | Sonia Hartnett


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