10 Books about Nighttime

10 Books about Nighttime...

Rebecca from Thirteen Red Shoes is with us today to share another one of here inspiring book lists. This time her book recommendations are for the ever-important and oh-so-special, bedtime ritual….

Here is a collection of bedtime picture books recommended for children aged  -9 months  – 100!

Time for Bed | Mem Fox and Jane Dyer

We have two copies of this beautiful book, both a paperback and a board book.  I must admit I adore board books, so I was delighted when they released it in this version.  The illustrations by Jane Dyer are remarkable, and children and adults will quickly learn the story by heart.

The Rain Train | Elena De Roo and Brain Lovelock

This is a new book in our home and focuses on the sounds made throughout the night on a train journey.  Soothing words and muted nighttime colors make this book delightful.  I am a huge fan of books filled with onomatopoeias.

The Quiet Book | Deborah Underwood and Renata Liwska

This is a perfect book for winding down after a busy day.  Each page depicts a certain type of quiet.  This book really makes you slow down and smile.  The illustrations by Renata Liwska are beautiful and the pale color palette is a delightful match to the written text.

When You Were Small | Sara O’Leary and Julia Morstad

An absolute favorite of mine! You may remember that I mentioned it in my books of love post earlier this year.

Goodnight, Me | Andrew Daddo and Emma Quay

From the day Little R was born, we have read this story each night.  My husband knows it by heart and we adore it.

Tom and Tilly | Jedda Robaard

Tom and Tilly is an adventurous story about two friends, a bear and a boy. It follows them on a magical adventure in a beautiful little boat, which takes them all the way to bedtime. The book has a lovely little paper boat pattern at the end, which is lovely to create as part of the story telling.   See an inside view here.

Good Night Moon | Margaret Wild and Clement Hurd

A timeless classic and a must have.  We have both the Spanish and English versions and adore both so very much.

Guess How Much I Love You | Sam McBratney and Anita Jeram

Another classic that needs little introduction.   We own multiple copies of this book.

Knight Night | Owen Davey

Knight night is delightful.  It is the story of a little boy on his nightly adventure to bed.  The illustrations are bold and the sepia tones give it a unique look.

Sleepy Bears | Mem Fox and Kerry Argent

This is a long picture book compared to the others I have mentioned, however, it is just too beautiful to not be included.  It is the story of a mother bear and her cubs as they prepare for the arrival of winter.  I love the line close to the beginning of the story…

“ but there’s plenty of time for your own special rhyme, if you climb into bed and snuggle in tight,

without any fuss and without any fight”

Bedtime stories are a central part of our nightly routine, which ensures that our little people are growing up with an in-depth love of literature. There are many other books besides these ten selections that we share at bedtime, but these always get a special request.

Some of these books we have had since before our eldest arrived, and others are very new to our home.

In our home, we follow the nightly rhythm of tea, bath or shower, warm milk, and then tucked in tight to bed for a story (or ten)!  Sometimes it is so hard to leave a warm little person who is all clean and snuggled into bed.

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