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We've come across some great products and books over the years and thought it would be fun to share our favorites with you!

Crazy About Carrots

Dive deeper into the world of farming by spending time learning about carrots! Here is a list of resources that make us crazy about carrots: PeelerÂ...MORE

Winter Gear for Adventurous Explorers

Keep children engaged during the winter months by heading outdoors for a family expedition! Whether you’re hiking, sledding, birding, buildin...MORE

Mindful Gifts for Children

Teach children how to practice mindfulness and learn how to manage their feelings and emotions. Below are our favorite tools to help tune in to the s...MORE

Gifts for Dramatic Play

Children who engage in pretend play are learning how to navigate social-emotional issues and figuring out new ways to communicate and express the...MORE

Gifts for the Young Naturalist

Ready to turn an ordinary day outdoors into an exciting scientific adventure? Below are our all-time favorite gifts that are sure to inspire the yo...MORE

Gifts for the Young Writer

We’re always being to recommend our favorite books, activities and materials for young children. So here are our all-time favorite gifts to...MORE

Gifts for the Young Artist

We’re always being asked about our favorite activities and materials for young children. These are our all-time favorite gifts to inspire th...MORE

Playful Picks: Resources for Measuring

Learning to measure our world is a welcome experience for young children. Children love being able to use “real tools” to measure things that the...MORE

Favorite Flower Finds

1. / 2. / 3. / 4. / 5. / 6. / 7. / 8. / 9. When the crocuses makes their first appearance in early spring it opens our senses to all of the potential...MORE

10 Books for New Kindergarteners

Is your child starting kindergarten soon?  Are you sobbing as you’re reading this?  Maybe your heart even aches a little.  Let’s face it—the...MORE

How To Create An Inspiring Writing Center

Create it and they will come… It’s almost like magic! If you would like to see your children writing for pleasure in their free time, then create...MORE

Playful Picks: Poetry Anthologies

When I first started teaching I was terrified of the month of April.  April means poetry in many schools. My exposure to poetry was not too much bro...MORE

Favorite Poets For Children

As I sat down to compose a list of my favorite poets, I became aware that I read poetry like a writer, and I consider the young writers who might be i...MORE

Outdoor Adventure Kit

Is it getting warmer in your neck of the woods? It is here and we are so eager to embark on the great outdoors! I thought it would be fun to share th...MORE

Investigating Spring: Resources for Young Scientists

Springtime sun and rain puddles naturally raise our children’s desire to explore outdoors. Often, we do not need anything but the time and desire to...MORE

Resources for Teaching Kindness

Kindness. It’s truly one of the simplest ways to connect with one another. It can be exchanged through a smile, a wave, a handwritten note, or a hu...MORE

A Book List for Animal Lovers

We thought it would be fun to share a list of our favorite books for all of the animal lovers out there… 1. Animalium by Jenny Broom. If I was g...MORE

10 Books to Share with Someone Special

As your children exchange little candy hearts that say “U R SWEET” and Minecraft Valentine cards, it’s the perfect time to reflect on love. What...MORE

Gifts That Inspire Writing

Holidays, birthdays, and other gift-giving occasions are a wonderful time to reflect on the types of investments we want to make as parents. I do see...MORE

Mindful Gifts for Children

As the girls get older and confront many new situations, I am finding that one of the most important things I can teach them, is how to find a sense...MORE

8 Apps Your Child Will Love

Nuria from the The Adventures Archive is here today to share some fun kid-tested and mama-approved apps. Here you have 8 Apps that are both f...MORE

A Booklist for Young Scientists

At the moment my eldest son (aged 6) is so enthusiastically engaged in Science.  He wants to read and watch and explore anything and everything scie...MORE

Dinosaur Books and Apps for Little Ones

Rebecca from Thirteen Red Shoes is with us today to share some great app and book recommendations for the little dinosaur lovers in our lives…...MORE

11 Picture Books that Inspire Children to Explore Outside

Seeing the natural world through the eyes of a child is an enlightening experience. Their innate appreciation and fascination for all living things i...MORE

10 Books That Inspire Kids to Write (+ writing paper printables)

Writing is one of the most important skills for children to learn and feel confident about. Whatever passions, interests, or career paths they may ch...MORE

Phonics Apps for Little Ones (Part Two)

Rebecca from Thirteen Red Shoes is with us today to share part II of her recommendations for phonics apps for the little ones… After my initia...MORE

12 Creative Apps for Kids

I am thrilled to have Rebecca from ThirteenRedShoes back with us today. She has a great list of creative app recommendations for the budding young ar...MORE