Playful Learning Studio

Playful Learning Studio is a boutique learning center that provides educational enrichment to individual and small groups of children, ages 2 to 14, in the Hamptons and NYC. Clients receive personalized instruction, in an optimal learning environment, that furthers the interests of the child and the goals of the parents.

Engaging lessons, access to the finest materials, and highly personalized instruction offer children inspiring learning experiences and provides parents an inside glimpse into how their child learns best.

Our proprietary Playful Learning curriculum provides hands-on lessons that develop a strong foundation of understanding within our students—not only of the subject at hand, but learning how to learn. These learning experiences become the building blocks that will serve your children throughout their educational careers and lives.

With your input we will design hands-on lessons that meet your objectives as parents and sparks your child’s natural curiosity.

Our Studio Services include…

Enrichment & Tutoring

Playful Learning Studio: Tutoring & Enrichment

Looking to support and enrich your child’s education? Let us know your goals and your child’s interests and will will create a personalized learning plan that’s a perfect fit. Whether your children need extra support or an extra challenge, we will assess their needs and provide an engaging program that sparks their natural curiosity and love for learning. All of our academic explorations are fun, engaging, and challenging. You will receive weekly updates on our work together as well as recommendations for how to further support your child’s learning at home. Read more…

Small Group Learning

Playful Learning Studio: Small Group Learning

Put together a small group and we will create inspiring learning experiences for your child and their friends to enjoy together. We will design and facilitate groups that explore anything from book clubs, to writing groups, to science labs. Learning is an exciting endeavor… what better way to experience it than by engaging in hands-on projects with a group of close friends? Read more…

House Calls

Playful Learning Studio: House Calls

Simply tell us the areas you would like us to focus on and we’ll design an engaging, hands-on curriculum that meets your objectives and sparks your child’s interest—delivered and taught in the comfort of your own home.

Reserve some one-on-one time for your child or put together a small group of friends. House calls are available year-round to residents in the East End of Long Island, and NYC. Read more…

Saturdays in the Studio

Playful Learning: Saturdays in the Studio

Come and see all that the Playful Learning Studio has to offer! We are thrilled to announce our Saturday line-up of inspiring classes… Drop your children off, take a little time for yourself, and know that they are enjoying an incredible learning experience. It’s wonderful way to spend a Saturday morning! Read more…

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