Parts of a Flower

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Science Lab: Anatomy of a Flower



  • Eco-System
  • Petal – outer sections of the flower
  • Stem – main stalk of the plant
  • Pistil – part of the flower that produces seeds
  • Stigma – sticky part at the top of the pistil that catches the pollen
  • Style – long part of the pistil between the stigma and the ovary
  • Stamen – part of the flower that produces pollen
  • Filament – part of the stamen that supports the anther
  • Anther – part at the top of the stamen that produces the pollen
  • Ovary – large part of the pistil that produces the ovules
  • Ovules – when the ovules are fertilized by pollen, they become the seeds
  • Spathe – thin sheath that protects the flower buds



  • Cutting Board
  • Flowers
  • Child-Safe Knife or Scissors
  • Printables (see below)






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