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"Pure mathematics is, in its way, the poetry of logical ideas." —Albert Einstein

Children are intuitively drawn to math. Math offers them a systematic way to make sense of, and find order in, their immediate environment. If nurtured in a playful way, children will grow up viewing numbers and mathematical concepts as tools that enable them to live more fully and efficiently in the world.

Our math programs offer students foundational lessons that establish a deep understanding of the mathematical concepts behind the equations they will be solving. This foundation provides students with the tools they need to be flexible thinkers, who can transfer the understanding gained from the successful completion of math assignments to solving real world problems.

Inch by Inch: Introducing Measurement

Learning to measure our world is a welcome experience for young children. Children love being able to use “real tools” to measure things that the...MORE

Playful Picks: Resources for Measuring

Learning to measure our world is a welcome experience for young children. Children love being able to use “real tools” to measure things that the...MORE

Math Literature: Infinity and Me

Literature with math concepts is often the perfect way to start a math lesson. Literature naturally engages students and often initiates meaningful,...MORE

Playful Geometry: Turning Circles Into Squares

Have you tried the Playful Geometry activity, Turning Circles Into Triangles?  Would you ever guess that a smooth, curved shape could give rise to...MORE

Playful Geometry: Turning Circles into Triangles

Years ago I picked up the book A Beginners Guide to Constructing the Universe by Michael Schneider.  It was exactly what I had been looking for to...MORE

Estimation Magic with Greg Tang

Greg Tang is a wonderful children’s book author who emphasizes number sense strategies for children. His books are colorful, poetic and encourage c...MORE

Mystery Bags for Older Children

Mystery bags (bags in which you put items for a child to identify by sense of touch only) are commonly used with children in the three to eight year...MORE

Outdoor Math Games

Summer is often when we all want to be outside to enjoy the sun, play with friends and explore nature. Fun in the sun can also coincide, playfully, wi...MORE

Snowflake Math

Anytime learning can be rooted in the world around them children thrive.  This is true for mathematics-based explorations, just as it is for science...MORE

Building Place Value Understanding

The mathematical concept of place value is an essential one for young learners to grasp. Place value understanding will help children move on – and...MORE

Integrating Math & Art: Calculating Area + Perimeter with Piet Mondrian

Learning to calculate the area and perimeter of rectangular shapes is a required skill in third grade math. The integration of art makes perfect sense...MORE

Mulitplication Games, Arrays, and Stories

Second, third and fourth grade students across the country are busy learning and practicing multiplication facts. There are many fun ways to engage w...MORE

Protractor Art: Window Transparencies

So much can be learned when making art, so today I have a project that will not only brighten your winter windows but will show your child how to use...MORE

Fun Ways to Build Number Sense at Home

Encouraging a love of numbers throughout childhood helps children to develop a strong understanding of numbers, which is often called having good num...MORE

Teaching Math with Stories

I was teaching my son triple digit subtraction (oh so fun) when I realized he had hit a wall. He couldn’t grasp the rules of where the numbers need...MORE

Flip 10! A fun math game…

Joey from Made by Joey is with us today to share a fun game to play with our developing mathematicians. This is a simple card game for...MORE

Math Stories

When I was in elementary school, my Dad would often help me with my homework. He had a great way of incorporating stories into the work, and I always...MORE

11 Math Apps for the Little Ones (part two)

It has been a while since I shared some learning apps, so over the coming months I hope to bring you a new collection from all areas of the curricul...MORE

DIY Math Beads

These math beads are inspired by the Montessori Bead Material. The idea of the Bead Material is to help children understand numbers (particularly uni...MORE

Making Math Fun: The Nifty Nines Trick

Annie from Alphabet Glue is with us to share a fun and easy trick for mastering those hard to memorize nines timetables… Back in my days as an...MORE

DIY Ladybug Dice Game

Joey from Made by Joey is with us today to share an engaging math game for the whole family… I love ladybugs, so I created our own version of t...MORE

Twelve Books about Numbers

Rebecca from Thirteen Red Shoes is with us today to share another a lovely list of recommendations for counting books… My eldest is able to co...MORE

Learning with Circles

Joey from Made by Joey is with us today to share lots of inviting ways to engage our young mathematicians in meaningful and educational activities...MORE

DIY Lego Puzzles

Rebecca from ThirteenRedShoes is with us today and is sharing a wonderful project she recently discovered, which is great for hand-eye coordination a...MORE

Times Table Fortune Tellers (with printable tally sheets)

Joey from madebyjoey is with us today to share a fun way for children to master the multiplication facts. My girls love making these fortune tellers a...MORE

Playful Math: Post-It Note Patterns

If you’re anything like me, you’re always looking for rainy day activities to do with your children. I love it when we can find new thing...MORE