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Yoga for Kids: Gettin’ Buggy With It

Monique of Green Acorns is with us today with to share some inspiring spring yoga poses for the little yogis on our lives… Nature is a source of wonder for our children and Yoga provides an engaging and fun means of expression and further exploration of that nature.  Children can imagine taking on the qualities  … Read more

Yoga For Kids: Animals in Winter

Monique of Green Acorns is with us today with to share a wonderful winter yoga sequence to share with the little yogis in our lives. Here in the northeastern U.S. the January thaw has come and gone and temperatures have dipped once again.  We bundle up in layers from head to toe to tolerate being  … Read more

Holiday Yoga: Journey to the Moon

Monique of Green Acorns is with us today to share a lovely yoga routine that is perfectly suited for season… This time of year can be a flurry of activities and preparations for many.  While it may be enjoyable, it is added activity to an often already full schedule and can be a cause of  … Read more

‘Dem Bones Skeleton Yoga

Monique of Green Acorns is with us today to share a great yoga sequence for the little ones in our lives who are getting geared up for Halloween. There has been lots of talk about bones around my house lately as my children begin their anatomy studies with the skeletal system.  As I was thinking  … Read more

Yoga for Kids: Celebrating Summer with Sun Salutations

Monique is with us today to show us how we can enjoy doing sun salutations with the little yogis in our lives… Happy summer!  I hope it is off to a good start for you. Whether you enjoy a laid back, do-what-you-feel kind of pace or are a bit more scheduled with your days just  … Read more

Yoga for Kids June: Springing to Life

Hasn’t it been lovely to see the trees fully leaf out, colorful flowers in bloom, and little critters busy doing their thing?  My family and I really enjoy watching the changes that take place in nature during this time of year and that is precisely what has inspired the Yoga sequence for this month. I  … Read more

Yoga Inspired Booklist

Monique is with is today to complement her Yoga series with her favorite Yoga inspired children’s books… As you have seen from my past Yoga posts, most of my inspiration for creating Yoga sequences for children comes from books.  I love bringing the stories to life in such a creative, active way.  This month, I  … Read more

Yoga for Kids: Gardening and Guided Imagery

Monique is here today with another inspiring addition to her Yoga for Kids series. This month we move our minds and our bodies to empowering visualizations of planting and caring for a garden. This month, I have gardening on my mind. It’s early yet to get the gardens ready in this neck of the woods  … Read more

Yoga for Kids: March is Like the Wind

Monique Barker is with us today sharing some great yoga poses that we can do with our children during this windy time of year. I love that Monique’s yoga series inspires us to tune into our bodies while at the same time honoring the changing seasons. Hello.  Welcome back to our monthly Yoga series!  Given  … Read more

Yoga for Kids: V-Day Edition

Monique Barker is with us to share a lovely way celebrate Valentine’s Day—partner yoga. Don’t miss her informative printable of poses at the bottom of this post! I am thrilled to be back to share some more Yoga for children with you. In keeping with this month’s Valentine theme, I thought a sequence of partner  … Read more