The Power of Words: Put-Ups and Put-Downs

Playful Learning: The Power of Words

As our children go back to school and fill the classrooms or dive into their homeschool experiences, it’s important to remember the strong connection between social and emotional safety and academic success. Neuroscience shows that when a child is feeling stress about personal relationships, their home life, or pressures at school, they are far less likely to engage in high-order thinking and executive functioning skills.

It’s for this reason that the explicit teaching of social and emotional skills at home and in the classroom are essential for our children to be happy and thrive.

One of the most life-changing lessons I have ever experienced is about put-ups and put-downs… If I could choose two phrases that would be introduced into every household and school across the land, it would be “put-ups” and “put-downs.” These are two of the most powerful concepts I have ever taught in the classroom or to my own children. Equipping young children with a deep understanding of these terms gives them the ability to communicate feelings, which may have seemed almost intangible before. The language of put-ups and put-downs provides children with the skills needed for them to speak up for themselves as well as to stand up for others.

As a special Back-to-School gift to you, we are offering our online lesson, The Power of Words: Put-Ups and Put-Downs free of charge! It’s the perfect way to start off a new school year by creating a nurturing and supportive learning community at home and in school.


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Playful Learning: The Power of Words


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