Our Summer Book Clubs Are Here!

Playful Learning Book Clubs

We are thrilled to announce our newest online workshops for playful learners—Summer Book Clubs! Our online book clubs offer parents a perfect solution for the summer learning gap.

Each week over the month of July or August, you will receive a reading assignment and an engaging video that contains a lesson and fun hands-on project. You can also enjoy online book discussions and connect with our teacher experts. Each book club has been created to explore the work of a celebrated author in depth.

Exposing children to a collection of books by one author (or illustrator) allows for multiple opportunities to develop critical thinking skills, extend meaning, compare and contrast texts, and dig deeper into the style of a potential writing mentor. Author studies are engaging, and the more children read the more their reading comprehension and fluency improve.

We’ve designed three options to meet the needs of different aged readers. Choose the Playful Learning Book Club that meets the needs of your child and spend the summer enjoying books and hands-on projects together! Each participant will receive a Certificate of Completion that they can bring back to school with them in September.


We look forward to a reading-filled summer!