A Lesson in Finding Peace Within

A Playful Lesson: Finding Peace Within

As our children get older teaching them life lessons and good habits becomes more important than ever…

Recently, as I caught a glimpse of the latest unimaginable newsflash (and it does seem like there are more than usual these days)… I was struck with an overwhelming need to teach my daughters, that should anything unimaginable ever come upon them, they can always turn to that safe, peaceful space within.

In that moment, no grade, no test, no trophy, could compare to them tapping into and having faith in that place within themselves.

By practicing mindfulness we discover how to find that peaceful place, regardless of what is happening around us.

While accomplishing this is a lifelong pursuit—it is something that can be worked on as a family and makes a big difference in creating a peaceful and happy home.

Current brain research shows that when people are experiencing stress, certain parts of the brain shut down and meaningful learning is inhibited.

Children learn through emotions, feelings, and experiences. Positive, playful emotions promote learning, whereas negative emotions, like stress and anxiety, hinder it. A happy brain works better!

When we teach our children simple techniques for being mindful, we are giving them the skills necessary to persevere, think deeply, and live meaningful lives.

This video lesson was created to be enjoyed by families and in the classroom.

Relax and enjoy the video with your kids and use the printables below to share in the activity!

For a more in-depth exploration of this topic, join us for the Mindfulness Matters family workshop—it starts today!


Finding Peace Within


I am grateful for... I feel peaceful when...


Food for Thought + Discussion

  • What do you feel grateful for?
  • How does being grateful help us feel peaceful?
  • How can we remind each other in our family (class) to find our sense of gratitude when someone is feeling worried, sad, disappointed, or upset?
  • Try one of the techniques for finding peace within and share your experience as a family (class). Did it help? What did you learn about yourself?
  • What can we do at home or at school when negative feelings start to come up? How can we best support each other during these times?